Rose flower

A seed of it i care for,
a growth of it i need
a petal and segment are needed
for it flourish among flowers,

A pack of it i choose
a gift of it i gave
a decoy of it i will make
to beautify my home.

Rose is sweat and beautiful
it is unique among all mates
it stand for love to share
it divine more things than your expectation answer taught.

Rose, are red,
it brighten the surrounding,
and are pure to see,
it root i will plant and,
it shall be seen with me.


Weak erect

Weak reaction has become a general disease among men but, what really cause it, what are the foods taking and the drugs taking. These are the question people ask but, am glad to let you know how to find out if you’re indeed positive. First, get a bole full of water sit inside it what did you observe? If you are being affected you’ll see that your dick point down in the water, and if you’re not it will raise up a little bit to prove you are man. If you are affected be glad their is cure to it mail us we’ll respond to you.